At the end of the Championships, I felt as though Konami needed to make an emergency Banlist. However, this was not changed, and I am depressed as the Banlist favored duelists who can just buy the cards they want and win, rather than supporting the creative strategies used by other duelists. I favor the latter, as TCG should support strategy, imagination, rigorous effort, just to make decks. But as we have seen, nowadays you can just buy cards, put them together, and win. This is NOT how a card game should work, and reflects on how broken the banlist is.
Many people have ranted and raged on the live chat of Ustream, of how the banlist was broken and hurt other players. Of these decks, the predictions were high for either Inzektors or Dino-Rabbits to win this year. In both the Dragon Duels and Expert Class, BOTH had won. Not a Chaos Deck, or even a Wind-Up deck, but a cheap Control deck and a cheap Swarm deck. What of other people's decks, who spent time and money forming a Dimensional deck, or a deck utilizing quick Synchros? But no. Hopefully, Konami will realize that this banlist was a mistake, and re-format it next month to support ALL players.
Been wanting one for years, now I have one;)

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